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Feedback from Students

“We all came together in a circle. We each opened up about our stories of how we came to the United States as young children and the struggles we have experienced. When I heard those other stories I could relate and connected with other classmates in a way I had never before. I am in a new place now, a safe environment, because we are all in this together.” ~Florencia, 12th grader

“You have been such an inspiration to me. Without you, the Dreamers’ Club would not have succeeded as much as we did. Thank you for all your help. It means so much to me.” ~Anayeli, college freshman

“You gave us a method we can all do in order to become successful in life. You gave us all an example to follow.” ~Maya, 11th grader

“Thank you for showing me what I can do with my life.” ~Joseph, 12th grader

“Thank you for being so open with us and answering all of our questions. It shows that you really care about us.” ~Kiara, 10th grader

“Thank you for making the information easy to remember.” ~Lorena, 12th grader

“You show me ways I can ask for help and who I can go to for help.” ~Mariana, 9th grader

“You inspire me to not care what the usual criteria of Mexican teenage girls is.” ~Melanie, 11th grader

“I have a new view on life.” ~Priscilla, 8th grader

“You give me hope and rose my self-esteem to the max.” ~Aaron, 10th grader

“You are very open and that gives me the security that I am working with a real person, not someone without any idea what I’m going through.” ~Diana, 12th grader

“I am going through the worst and you inspire me to keep my head held high.” ~Cynthia, 8th grader

“You show me that I can make my own choices no matter how trapped I may be.” ~Maribel, 12th grader

“I have experienced difficulties growing up as well. Both of my parents are alcoholics. I admire you for never giving up in your childhood.” ~Esmeralda, 8th grader

“You reminded me to work hard for what I want and that no matter what, I have to get back up.” ~Juan, 12th grader

“You motivate me to do better in school and appreciate what I have.” ~Rosa, 10th grader

“You were helpful to me because many of my family members have made mistakes like dropping out of school and failing class. But I don’t want to make the same mistakes as them.” ~Jonathan, 8th grader

“Thank you for giving me the strength to stand up for myself.” ~Maria, 12 grader

“I have learned about how choices can affect you greatly early on.” ~Abraham, 11th grader

“My friends are stopping me from continuing my education. Because of you, I learned that I can always make a good decision and follow my dreams.” ~Joseph, 12th grader

“You are really, really nice.” ~Ashley, 9th grader

“I felt a connection with you when you were talking about your childhood.” ~Miranda, 9th grader

“A person like you changes peoples’ lives.” ~Diana, 10th grader

Feedback from School Staff

“You can relate to the students in a way that others cannot. You have gone through the same challenges they’re going through and show them that they can overcome.” ~High School Counselor

“I could hear a pin drop in my classroom when you shared your stories with my students.” ~12th grade Teacher

“Your optimism is truly an inspiration to our students who feel sometimes that there is little to be optimistic about.” ~High School Advisory Teacher

“Thank you for coming in and sharing your expertise and most importantly, your dedication and love for these kids. They certainly appreciate all that you do, and are happy that you will be there on their graduation day. You are so sweet!” ~High School Avid Teacher

“We had time after class to debrief and the students did a written reflection. What you shared really struck a cord with all of them and gave us a common vocabulary to use (e.g. “stuck like chucks,” etc.), which is great! I was impressed by what they wrote and how much your story resonated with them.” ~8th grade Teacher

“You keep enthusiasm very much alive.” ~Principal

“ You have a natural gift with kids.” ~7th grade Teacher

“Thank you sooooo much! I can’t express how wonderful your presentation was! It spoke to some great issues that my kids can definitely relate to. Your enthusiasm, motivation, and story are all so inspiring. Thank you for being vulnerable and I really appreciate your flexibility with my energetic kids! Thanks for all you do!” ~8th grade Teacher

“A ray of sunshine. You spread happiness.” ~Principal

“Your positivity radiates. It is very clear that you give your life to love and service.” ~10th grade Teacher

“THANK YOU so much for your time and effort. My class had a great debrief after you left and many of them got so much encouragement from what you had to say. They really found points of value in your words. Thank you for being an outside voice that is reiterating what we are already telling our kids: making good choices makes all the difference!” ~8th grade Teacher

“You captivate my students in a way that no other outside speaker has.” ~12th grade Teacher

“You are very warm-hearted and do a great job with the high school girls.” ~Principal