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Mission Statement

Students Without Limits is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in San Diego, California that provides in-school support to at-risk minority and immigrant teens from low-income families who will be first-generation college students.

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In order to meet SWOL’s 2019 Operating Budget, we need your help to raise $76,417 by the end of the year.

Please consider a contribution towards our 2019 funding goal in order to continue supporting our resilient students.  Sharing this with others you know will help!  Thanks to one of our generous local supporters, any contributions made by new donors will be matched up to $10,000! All new donor gifts will have twice as much power! Every donation makes a difference and helps us reach our goal.  All donations go directly to life-changing student services.

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Highlights From Our 2019 Dinner Event Honoring Several Of Our Student Superstars!

The Issue


Immigrant undocumented students represent one of the most vulnerable groups within U.S. schools. Most students in our Program came to the U.S. as a young children. They are eager to succeed, but lack information and resources. 49 percent of all undocumented students drop out of high school vs. only 11 percent of native born students. Only 5-10 percent attend college.*

Our Impact

Home and Immigrant Youth

Our programs make a powerful difference. Guidance from a caring adult moves students from fear to hope. A safe place to share during our “family meetings” improves their prospects and attitudes. Long-term access to resources boosts resilience and perseverance. Information empowers teens to make positive choices. Students who do not qualify for services have access to resources.

Student Stories


“We all came together in a circle. We each opened up about our stories of how we came to the U.S. as young children and the struggles we have experienced. When I heard those other stories I connected with other classmates in a way I had never before. I am in a new place now, a safe environment, because we are all in this together.” ~High school senior

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